The OUYA 1080p XBMC HD Media Center

The OUYA started out with a vision to be a low-cost open gaming console. In that respect, it will probably find a small niche market.

… but OUYA’s biggest success will come from something else…

If casual gaming isn’t your thing, OUYA still has something for you that you cannot get anywhere else for only $99. XBMC.

Because of XBMC, OYUA is worth the 99$ price. At present there’s nothing similar, at that price mark, able to play 1080p High Definition videos smoothly.

The OUYA is the perfect, inexpensive, low-energy, silent, pleasing to the eye, small media renderer.

If you’re interested in gaming, the OUYA will eventually build up a library of decent games… But right now, who cares. OUYA will bring your TV to life.

Cancel your cable subscription and buy an OUYA to play all your media in high definition straight from the internet. OUYA will pay for itself.

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